A rewarding college experience begins with a thoughtful and deliberate high school education. Our philosophy and approach to college counseling is consistent with the School’s mission, which is to establish in our students a steadfast confidence in themselves and their abilities. Our expectation for keen self-reflection will inform students’ priorities and aspirations for future study.

从他们大三开始, the college counselors meet regularly with students and have individual conferences 与家人.  从这些对话中, 指导学生制定个人申请路线图和大学名单. All practical planning for the college search and application process during the junior and senior year is coordinated through the college counseling office. Along with providing preliminary standardized test preparation in the sophomore year, 三年级学生提供全面的为期一年的考试准备.辅导员充当感同身受的倾听者, 苦心编辑,为学生大力倡导, 同时帮助他们实现自己设定的目标.

The overriding goal of the Grace college counseling program is that students experience the search and application process as empowering and exciting, while honoring the magnitude of such a significant decision and the importance of their active role in it.



  • 大一

    The first year at Grace Church School presents myriad opportunities for students to develop their interests, 学术和课外活动. 格雷斯的使命是教育独立的学生, 有创意的, self-aware and collaborative; consistent support from teachers, 他们的院长, 他们的顾问, and their coaches ensure all students have a fruitful and engaged start to their high school journey.

    At Grace we have built in time during the week for extracurricular pursuits, including Lab Day, 教程和工作室时间. Students’ enthusiasm might grow into an independent project or inspiration to seek out an internship. 我们鼓励学生寻找志愿者的机会, 重新致力于长期的承诺, 加入(或成立)一个新的俱乐部. 深度参与, 从学术和课外活动的角度来看, 在格雷斯大学的第一年,什么是非常重要的.
  • 大学二年级

    大二的时候, Grace Church School continues to support students in achieving their academic and extracurricular goals. 学生也可以, 在第二学期, 备考班, and families are invited to evening events with the College Office - including for financial aid advising, 对标准化测试期望的回顾,以及 substantive conversation and review of school curriculum in preparation for of what to expect during the junior year.

    While sophomore year can be a good time to lay the groundwork on a few college-oriented fronts (including testing, 经济援助和任何可能的体育招募), we encourage students first and foremost to continue devoting energies to meeting and exceeding individual academic goals, 继续追求和完善课外兴趣. 在第四季度 all sophomore students are provided thorough standardized test preparation in the form of a weekly class. 为学生提供信息以帮助他们决定哪些考试, 将于次年拍摄, 可能最适合他们的个人优势和目标. Parents are invited to an evening devoted exclusively to discussing standardized testing.
  • 大三

    大三期间, extensive individualized support is provided to students and families as the college application process begins outright. 长达一年 
    初级研讨会, 为期一年的全面备考课程, 经常与学院办公室单独会面, and engaging evening events for parents are designed to help students and families make the most informed decisions possible throughout the college process.

    大三的基石是大三研讨会. The 初级研讨会 provides students a holistic approach to beginning the college process in earnest. 为期一年的课程, 由学院办公室领导, provides the essential skills needed for completing the college application process, 以及离开推荐赌博APP十大排行后的生活. 本课程涵盖个人论文写作, 大学搜索支持, 面试技巧, 以及学术咨询. Students develop a personal relationship with the college counselors that ensures the centrality of their decision-making in the process. 另外, each student is provided extensive individualized counseling by the Director and Associate Director of the College Office.
  • 大四

    大四是在大三的工作和成就的基础上发展起来的. During 大四, students meet individually with the College Office in addition to the weekly 第一学期的学院研讨会 哪些指导学生完成大学申请过程中的每一个细节. 学生完成申请、论文和财政援助申请 during this time and are provided extensive individual support by the College Office.

    书院办公室亦 欢迎参观推荐赌博APP十大排行的学院和大学代表 
    每年秋天. Students who opt to pursue early action and early decision are provided support through these processes, 在春天, 学院办公室帮助学生和家庭做出入学决定, 其中包括了解助学金. 我们庆祝的不仅仅是大学录取和录取决定, but the culmination of our students’ hard work over the course of four years at Grace Church School.


我们在恩典教会学校的大学咨询过程是以学生为中心的. 这对于教学过程和衡量公平都很重要. Applications to all schools to which students choose to apply are fully supported by our office. 学生和家庭与我们协商,然后选择最适合他们的. 我们支持这些选择. 
我们知道,上大学的过程及其结果可能令人担忧. 知道了这一点, we work with students and families with care and empathy to navigate and assuage these challenges, all the while keeping the individual student safe and at the center of the process.
BIPOC的安全性和神圣性, 土著, 有色人种)学生, first generation students and students for whom aid is a factor in the application/admissions process continues to be and has been paramount, 和其他学生一样.
There is a history of gatekeeping and harm done to children of color in college admission processes in this country, 在以白人为主的K-12公立和私立学校也是如此. 在与学生的交往中,我们认真地承受着这段历史的重压, 与家人, 以及我们在十大网赌网址app方面的同行. 


The Office of 大学咨询 hosts several events with professionals from colleges and universities. The events give parents and students a chance to hear directly from schools they are interested in, 并在整个十大网赌网址app过程中提供帮助家庭的信息.




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    大学心理咨询助理主任 & 标准化测试协调员
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    U. 弗吉尼亚州- B.S.Ed.
推荐赌博APP十大排行是曼哈顿市中心的一所男女同校的独立学校, New York City providing instruction for nearly 800 students in Junior Kindergarten through Grade 12.